The different types of golf iron sets

Golf used to be a sport that only the rich could afford; however, as the sport became more popular, the number of people who played it increase. More sport enthusiasts are becoming interested with the sport. Because of the popularity of golf, the demand for high quality golf equipment has drastically increased. Manufacturers also had to come up with a huge variety of clubs to make sure that all types of players will be accommodated.

One of the most important golf equipment is the golf iron set. It is such a crucial item that it can either make or break a golf game. It is no wonder why people take their irons seriously when it comes to golf.


A single player will need different kinds of irons for different distances and terrains. An example of a type of club that is part of certain golf iron sets are numbered irons. This particular set has irons that are numbered that indicate the loft of the club. There are some sets that have numbers ranging from zero to twelve; however, the most common one ranges only from three to nine.

One of the irons in this set is called the driving iron, which is numbered one in the set. This kind of club is probably the most difficult one to swing with. Professionals who have playing this sport for a long time now are the ones who prefer this iron. They are familiar with it, and their golf iron sets would not be complete without it. This type is not ideal for amateurs because they will simply have a hard time swinging with it. In fact, a lot of the modern sets no longer include this particular iron. Fortunately, there are golf iron sets made for all types of players, no matter what skill levels are.

Another type of iron in this set is called the short irons. This type has a short shaft, and the iron itself does not have much mass. It is typically numbered between eight and nine. Out of all the irons in the numbered set, this one is the easiest to hit with. Because it does not have a lot of mass, it is not meant for long distances. It does not have the weight required to give extra power to the swing. The great thing about this iron is that the lack of mass makes it a lot easier to control, making it perfect for shots that require a lot of accuracy.

golf playingAnother type of club in the set is called wedges. These types of irons are also not meant for very long distances, but they are perfect for situations that can be somewhat tricky to get out of. It can give a player the angle that he wants for a particular shot. It is the ideal club for situations like being stuck in the hazard, or being surrounded by trees or shrubbery. This iron can also be used for simply putting the ball in the green.

A lot of players will usually have a couple of wedges in their golf iron sets. Each type of wedge can give the ball a different angle of trajectory. It can also give the ball a lot of spin which makes it more accurate and perfect for punching through shrubbery and other hindrances.

These are just some of the irons that can be part of golf iron sets. There is no template that any player has to follow. They just have to make sure that all the irons in their sets are irons that they are comfortable with and can really enhance their skills.

One of the most important golf equipment is the golf iron set. It is such a crucial item that it can either make or break a golf game. The variety of golf iron set available from the Rockbottomgolf.

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