Custom Lanyards For Your Everyday Use

Lanyards are often seen in our daily activities. In one way or another, they have been a part of your life, whether you are a student or a professional, common or high-profile.

Throughout time, lanyards have proven their worth and continue to develop more functions to serve us in our daily needs. The introduction of custom lanyards even made it more useful than it is to suit our personal preferences and expand the functions of this cord business.


With the booming industry of lanyards, one can find ways on how to utilize these straps more. Thus, we listed down their primary functions and various uses that may help you in your daily needs.


Wear your identity loud and proud!

One of the most common uses of lanyards is for identification. Schools, companies and organizations often use customized lanyards to identify themselves from the crowd.

Uniformity screams the spirit of the organization one belongs to, and a well-designed lanyard is a great solution to achieve this. It is a powerful and eye-catching tool to be easily recognized.


Increase the security and feel safe at work!

Since lanyards are often used for identification, this also improves the security of the whole company or organization you are working for. For example, for offices that require identification, such as government buildings, these lanyards prove their worth.

By wearing customized lanyards, you can be easily identified and you can represent your department well. IDs or access cards can also be attached for easier identification.

Handy, isn’t it? Not only can it provide identification; it also secures you from unwanted and shady situations.

Item Holder

Never lose your items anymore!

Lanyards are also widely used as item holders. Be it ID badges, keys, wallets or handheld gadgets, a lanyard proves to be a handy tool to keep your things in check.

Wear it around your neck, strap it on your bag or keep it in your pocket. Lanyards can secure your items more and prevent you from misplacing or losing them.


Lanyards are not only for safekeeping or identification. You can also use them for brand promotion.

With custom lanyards, it is now easier to promote your company brands or endorse groups or institutions. A customized lanyard can have the brand logo, name or even messages for everyone to see. You can wear it inside or outside the company premises, thus, it works as a handy tool to promote your brand.

Clever, right? Showcase your brand with this effective and cost-efficient method!


Dump your plain and boring straps; go with custom lanyards and step up your fashion style!

Yes, lanyards can also be fashionable in so many ways. With its customizable feature, lanyards can fit your day-to-day outfits with the right mix and match. You can choose your favorite color, design and style to achieve that cool and trendy look from our offered lanyards.

Start your own trend and release your inner fashion sense now!

ID Lanyards

Event Freebies

Need an idea for giveaways for your events? Our custom lanyards are here to save the day!

Personalized items are always appreciated, so have your freebies customized and make your event a memorable one. Either a company event or a personal occassion, imprint your company logo, event name or anything you want and let your guests remember.

Spice up your event with these personalized and exciting giveaways!

With so many functions, lanyards have already evolved from their original use. Who would have thought a simple strap can be used in so many ways? It only proves that even the simplest items can do wonders if used right.

Now that you are familiar with its many uses, it is time to get yourself a treat and experience the perks of getting your own lanyard. Whether it is for personal or for business purposes, have it personalized with us and we guarantee to provide you with exceptional custom lanyards that can suit your daily needs visit here for more information about custom lanyards.

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